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Efficiency Certified – Get Comfort You Can Count On

How Does the NEEM Program Work?



ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes are certified through the NEEM program, an independent and objective third party with more than 25 years of experience. The NEEM program is fully involved from design through construction and home set up in the field to ensure home performance meets expectations.


The success of the NEEM program is the result of a unique partnership of Northwest manufactured home builders and energy efficiency advocates. Together they find the best cost-effective efficient construction methods, providing added-value for the home buyer.


Highly qualified NEEM inspectors conduct routine reviews of every manufactured home builder so the efficiency measures required by the program are realized in the plant. The “NEEM Team” works directly with Quality Control Managers to make sure every certified home saves energy for its owner.


For all of the efficiency measures built in the plant, how the home is installed makes all the difference. Every NEEM home is to be installed so the home is tight, heating ducts are secure and insulated, and every energy efficient detail performs as designed.


Should there be an energy related problem with a NEEM-certified home, you can call the “NEEM Team” and they will help find the solution.

Measured and Monitored

Installed NEEM-certified homes are randomly selected and thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure energy efficiency built at the plant is really happening on site. What’s great is, they really perform as designed! See the Resources section for our reports.



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