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The Northwest Energy-Efficient Manufactured Housing Program™ (NEEM) is a collaborative effort between the home builders, retailers and utilities across the northwest that has certified over 240,000 of the most energy efficient manufactured homes ever built. The NEEM Program’s objective third party quality assurance means homes perform as expected. We call it “Efficiency Certified.”

NEEM is one of two organizations recognized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program as a Quality Assurance Provider, able to certify that manufactured homes are built to qualify for the ENERGY STAR. More than half of new manufactured home buyers in the northwest choose homes with NEEM ENERGY STAR certification.

The NEEM team works closely with the manufactured home builders in the Northwest, always looking for cost effective ways to improve quality, durability and energy efficiency. We engage in research and direct the construction of prototype homes that incorporate new materials and technologies in search of ways to do things better. Our latest efforts have come to market as an enhanced set of specifications that go beyond ENERGY STAR requirements with smart technologies to deliver even more energy savings. You can have your home built to these high performance specifications by asking to have your home include the ENERGY STAR with NEEM+ package.

Make your manufactured home the most energy-efficient you can buy.

What makes these energy saving homes different? Here are a few of their innovative features:

  • Careful sealing of all connections

  • Added floor, ceiling, and wall insulation

  • High-performing upgraded windows

  • LED bulbs in every fixture

  • Ultra-efficient, silent ventilation system

  • Flashing and house-wrap

  • Smart Thermostat for cooling/heating control

  • ENERGY STAR kitchen appliances

Why Choose Energy Star?

NEEM-certified manufactured homes have been earning the ENERGY STAR since 1999. With energy efficiency performance certified through the independent NEEM program, ENERGY STAR qualified manufactured homes are:




Energy-saving features mean your home needs less electricity to run, keeping your monthly utility bills low. When you look at the value of the energy savings, the ENERGY STAR package proves itself as a real portfolio performer as well.



Smart technologies ensure your house stays warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and quiet all year round. That's a benefit from the ENERGY STAR package, and it's an important part of what makes your house a home.



Realtors and appraisers know the importance of the ENERGY STAR brand, which can lead to higher resale values later. Most of the energy saving features in the home are hard to add later on, so it is wise to "future proof" your home with energy efficiency built in from the start.

Next Level Living With NEEM+

Here in the Northwest we know that it pays to take comfort and efficiency to the next level. That's why we've developed the NEEM+ certification tier that goes beyond the minimum requirements to earn the ENERGY STAR. In fact, NEEM+ is engineered to save an extra 30 percent on energy use beyond ENERGY STAR. When you want the best home performance package, ask for ENERGY STAR with NEEM+ certification. You can enjoy knowing that your home is built to the most stringent manufactured home energy standard in the country, yielding the greatest energy and cost savings while delivering maximum home comfort.


Caring for the Planet

Eco-rated™️is a distinction the NEEM Program awards to homes produced by factories that have demonstrated a strong commitment to minimizing environmental impacts from the construction process. The eco-rated logo is your way of knowing that the home builder is taking steps to minimize material waste, use low- or no-VOC adhesives and finishes, protect worker health, maximize recycling and ensure the durability of the homes they build. Eco-rated means that the NEEM team adds eyes in the plant to ensure that the factory is delivering those environmental benefits. It's good for the planet, good for the workers, good for the factory's bottom line, and it's good for you. Everyone wins with eco-rated.


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