NEEM Homes

What's Inside


Inside Your Home

All homes certified through the NEEM program are built with features that optimize home comfort and energy efficiency.



There is just one chance to properly and fully insulate a home. The NEEM team works with each home builder to find the optimal insulation levels and construction processes to ensure that each NEEM-certified home is correctly insulated. NEEM means you can count on many years' of comfort. Homes built to the latest NEEM+™ specifications include even more insulation and measures to reduce "thermal bridging" through the building frame.




It's not just about the view. Windows are the single largest sources for winter heat loss and summer heat gain. NEEM certification requires homes to have dual-pane windows with advanced low-e coatings. NEEM means you can count on your home's windows to minimize heat transfer, resist interior condensation and avoid the "drafty" feeling of lesser performing windows. Homes built to the latest NEEM+ specifications make use of additional advanced technology to deliver thermal performance approaching that of many triple-glazed windows.



LED lighting delivers durable, pleasing light at a tiny fraction of the energy use of traditional incandescent light bulbs. The NEEM program strongly encourages the use of LED lighting. In fact, homes built to the latest NEEM+ specifications have LED lighting throughout.




ENERGY STAR is the recognized symbol for quality, energy-efficient appliances. The NEEM program requires the dishwasher to be ENERGY STAR. Homes built to the latest NEEM+ specifications are required to include an ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerator as well.


Air sealing

There are a LOT of connections between building assemblies and penetrations through walls, floor and ceilings. The NEEM team works with every builder to ensure that NEEM-certified homes receive effective air sealing at each step along the way. NEEM means that you can count on your home not suffering from energy loss and moisture transport into the building assemblies due to hidden leaks. Homes built to the latest NEEM+ specifications include even more stringent air sealing requirements.



Building code calls for minimum ventilation rates to protect the building and provide basic protections to occupants. NEEM takes ventilation further by requiring quality fans that run quietly and energy efficiently. The NEEM team routinely tests ventilation systems on the production line to ensure proper function and ventilation rates. NEEM means you can count on a ventilation system that keeps the air fresher in your home, reduces the chances for moisture problems and is economical to run. Homes built to the latest NEEM+ specifications use even more efficient fans.